Privacy Policy

Who we are

We are a small design/development company located in Syracuse, New York specializing in work with small to medium size privately owned businesses. 

Our website address is:

Please use our Contact Form to reach us and understand that we are just as concerned about getting unwanted calls or mailings as you are! This is the only reason we limit our own contact information on the website.

Personal Data

We value privacy and do not specifically collect, share or provide data to any third parties aside from what is outlined below in Online Store Operations.


We do not track visitors or customers with any cookies set from our website.

Online Store Operations

Customer information is collected solely for the purpose of making purchases of products through our web store and all payment information is provided directly to valid payment processing companies, Square or PayPal based upon the customer’s selection at checkout. We do NOT store payment information on or site of on the server hosting our website. Personal data, less all payment information, is retained only to serve the needs of proper customer support and no mailings or marketing efforts are undertaken with such data unless the customer has specifically opted in to any future contact with us subsequent to an order being placed.

No customer or site visitor will ever receive spam or unwanted advertisements as a consequence of interacting with or ordering from our website.