The Age of Sharing

On February 3, 2013, in Technology, by Admin

Am I being selfish if I do not want to share every detail from my day’s activities or my current favorite tune or my opinions about every store and restaurant I walk into? This is now called “sharing” but it seems more like boring the hell out of my friends (while wasting a hell of a lot of time).

But maybe I should be more willing to share. I’m on the fence.

No, I’ll share this right now … I don’t want to share.

What I want is for everything in my digital life to once again assume that I don’t want to share and won’t want to share anything, ever.

Of course Facebook is the citadel of youthful sharing and I was once ready to take the leap into the world of greater sharing. Sitting around joking one night about how my wife, her father and I were all checking our various iDevices, I thought it would be funny to send a friend request to them both while sitting in the same room. Call it dumb sarcasm … which proved to be really dumb.

The Facebook App put a “Share with all your Contacts” button right next to the button I meant to press and with two seconds I was sending “friend requests” to everyone in my phone’s address book. My accountant, plumber, insurance company, ex-wife, and a lot of people I barely know started to get those damn messages from me!

I did a shutdown on the phone as quick as possible while becoming the best joke of the evening for my self-imposed predicament. Nobody enjoys a good embarrassing screwup like that better than one’s family! Needless to say I cancelled that account and have been a bit more restrained with my jokes since then.


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