The Marching Orders App Story

The idea for the Marching Orders App didn’t fall out of the sky but was a “necessity is the mother of invention” concept born out of a need to give someone working for me an understandable list of tasks, his marching orders?, when I could not be present to explain in person.

Marching Orders Task Entry

M.O.A. Task Entry

In my particular case, I often needed to define certain property maintenance tasks such as; fix a window, clean up a area, mulch a few trees, and repair a leaky water valve. So, one evening I had a list of tasks to convey for the next day. With pen and pad of paper in hand, I started writing what I thought would be a simple note.

My handwriting looks like a doctor’s prescription and borders on illegible. As I wrote, my hand started to cramp up and readability deteriorated with each new paragraph. Like many today, I type far more than I write with a pen and my hand is no longer up to the task. Especially since the descriptions were growing so long with text like; “by the such and such over near the so and so to the right of the …”. The first version went into the garbage and I opened my laptop.

Typing was better but the need for superfluous description test remained distressing. Having to describe “which” window I wanted him to work on and and “which” trees needed to get mulched and “where” to find the leaky valve was wasting a lot of time! And, that is not to mention how long it might take the worker to interpret my “treasure Map”. Need I mention that people do not read or read carefully these days?

So, I decided to walk around with my iPhone and take pictures that would eliminate a lot of uncertainty and the need to describe everything with text-based precision! It was a good approach but I still spent a lot of time creating the actual document to print. The descriptions were a LOT more manageable but I still needed to format things. I hate wasting paper and printer ink.

Sample Marching Orders Document

M.O.A. Sample Document

My completed task list was rather fancy and consumed a lot more time than I had anticipated. Once I was focused on getting the pictures off my iPhone and into a suitable program (I think Pages was used), things went better but still took way too much time. The file was printed and left for a trial run and…

With pictures, the work went faster and better than ever before!

The need to develop the Marching Orders App was born! Create “You Do It” marching orders with pictures right on an iOS device. No time should be wasted off-loading pictures and formatting the output. The Marching Orders App is designed to yield a simple and clean task list to give to someone else with titles, pictures and descriptions (if desired).

With the evolution of functional Speech to Text in the newer iOS devices another great efficiency can be realized. No need to type! Well, almost no need to type but it does work well enough to be of tremendous value.

Download on the App Store

The Marching Orders App is now available in the Apple App Store!
Or visit the Marching Orders App website for more information.

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