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I read that a study of Twitter “tweets” determined that about 70% were meaningless chatter. Things like “Rad Man” or “What’s Up” or similar useless affirmations of one’s presence were flooding the system. Is that disturbing or surprising?

I don’t think anyone would really want to analyze the tremendous volume of text messages to ascertain the percentage of those that are essentially meaningless. However, perhaps Homeland Security has in fact been doing so and knows well how little people have to say.

Being a Mac-based designer/developer and having a professional (and personal) interest in iOS development I occasionally check out various posts on CNET and other technology sites to see what the buzz about this or that might be. Most of the time it seems as though the people writing about technology are struggling to sound hip and intelligent while seldom saying anything with insight or significance. The comments generated by technology posts seem to be growing more myopic over time.

Most technology reviewers seems to be unattached to the realities of real life. In most people’s world, it is not possible to own competing devices. Unless required for business purposes having an android phone and an iPhone and a windows phone is not practical, possible or useful. Instead, one makes a decision and lives with that platform choice for a period of years. I bought an iPhone 3 years ago.


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