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Giovanni Colacicchi 1900 – 1992

Giovanni-Colacicchi 1900-1992

Giovanni Colacicchi Homepage

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The official site of Italian figurative painter Giovanni Colacicchi, an important member of the ‘Novecentro’ movement which includes Carrà, Casorati, De Chirico, De Pisis, Guidi and Morandi.

This site is multi-lingual (Italian and English) and features a growing gallery of his work from the early 1920’s to his death in 1992. Visitors can easily filter the work by category (landscape, figure study, still life, etc.) in the gallery to focus on their interest and quickly see the evolution of style throughout his amazingly productive career. Also featured is a gallery of work by his wife, Flavia Arlotta Colacicchi, also an accomplished artist and painter.

The Museum of Automobile Art and Design

Museum of Automobile Art and Design

MOAAAD Homepage

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This site features a private collection of original art and design directly related to the automobile industry. Included in the collection are renderings, models and advertising art along with a variety of memorabilia and historic documents. Visitors can search the collection in a variety of ways and find information about the artists.

The Skyline Lodge

Skyline Lodge Homepage

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This unique lodge is located just outside of Highlands, North Carolina. This site has recently been redesigned to use WordPress and thus provide a greater potential for direct contribution by the lodge manager. WordPress (as well as custom Content Management Systems that can be designed for specific purposes) can be configured to allow a non-technical person to post information such as updates to pricing and general copy improvements without a significant learning curve. Once this site gets going with more owner/manager’s input it will become much more dynamic and relevant by providing a level of contemporary information the traveling public wants to see.

The 100 Day Challenge

100 Day Challenge

100 Day Challenge Login Page

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The 100 Day Challenge is a membership system offering a 100 day program for personal and professional performance enhancement. Technically speaking, the development and deployment of this program is rather complex. However, the members see only that every day’s login provides new content with access to previous day’s content available throughout the program duration. Following the initial 100 days a continuation subscription is available to retain access to the other features offered by the program. Unfortunately, due to contractual responsibilities the program’s paid content cannot be displayed here.

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