Small Business Game Plan

On February 3, 2013, in Business, by Admin

Whenever politicians want something they start talking about “small business” but what they really do FOR small business never seems to make sense, at least if they really want to help. Rather, I suspect politicians and the bureaucrats that benefit from everything government actually does are being disingenuous at the very least. If you are […]


Marching Orders App

Take Some Pictures

There is no "right way" to do it but most will find the easiest first step to be taking pictures that illustrate what you want the recipient of your Marching Orders to focus on. The app will let you crop and scale any photo if needed.

A Productivity tool for iOS

Dictate Some Text

Use Speech to Text if your device supports it to make this a really fast process or type in what you like for titles and/or descriptions. Pictures will help to minimize how much you need to enter to give good instructions!

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Print Marching Orders!

Send your file to any AirPrint printer or email it as an attachment. With Marching Orders, you can easily give your staff a great task list with a minimum of time and effort! Check it out at the Marching Orders App website!